The Materials Nanotechnology research group, supervised by Prof. Andrea Hodge, focuses on the processing and mechanical behavior at the nano and micro scale of engineered materials for advanced applications.

Optical nanoscale multilayers

Schematic of sequential magnetron sputtering setup for multilayer deposition Representative schematic of multilayer system of alternating materials

Synthesis of hierarchical structures containing nanoscale features

Composite metal-polymer microlattice coated via magentron sputtering SEM micrograph of nanopourous gold

Synthesis of grain boundary engineered materials at the nanoscale

TEM micrograph of columnar nanotwinned CuAl; revearsals in contrast indicate the presense of twin boundaries HRTEM image showing the presense of twin boundaries and revearsals in stacking sequence

Thermal stability of nanostructured materials

TEM image of as-sputtered Hf-Ti multilayer sample STEM image of restructured grains after heat treatment of Hf-Ti multilayer sample

Sensitization and corrosion behavior of nanostructured materials

STEM image of sputtered Al-Mg alloy after sensitization EBSD grain orientation map of etched Al-Mg alloy

Mechanical behavior of highly nanostructured materials

Tensile sample of nanotwinned CuAl showing pre-fracture strain map generated by DIC FIB micrograph of fully nanotwinned Ag under Vickers indent