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2017 Publications
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2016 Publications
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2015 Publications
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2014 Publications
  • Note: A method for minimizing oxide formation during elevated temperature nanoindentation
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2013 Publications
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2012 Publications
  • Thermal stability of highly nanotwinned copper: the role of grain boundaries and texture
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2011 Publications
  • High Pressure Torsion of Copper Samples Containing Columns of Highly Aligned Nanotwins
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2010 Publications
  • Evaluation of thermal and intrinsic stress in copper and tantalum sputtered films
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2009 Publications
  • High Temperature Nanoindentation: New Developments and Ongoing Challenges
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2008 Publications
  • Nanoporous plasmonic metamaterials
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2007 Publications
  • Scaling equations for nanoporous open-cell foams
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2006 Publications
  • Deforming nanocrystalline Ni at ultrahigh strain rates
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2005 Publications
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2004 Publications
  • Evaluating Abrasive Wear of Amorphous Alloys using Nanoscratch Technique
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2001-2003 Publications
  • Measurements and Modeling of Creep in Open-Cell NiAl Foams
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