ENGR 102: Engineering Freshman Academy
Introduction to the profession of engineering. Ethical, political and societal consequences of engineering innovations and the impact of engineering on everyday life.

AME 204: Strength of Materials
Stress, strain and deflection of mechanical elements due to tension, shear, bending, or torsion; combined loads; energy methods, statically indeterminate structures; strength-based design.

AME 231L: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Material properties of metals, ceramics, and composites; stress-strain relationships; microstructural characteristics; fracture, fatigue, and creep; effects of processing.

AME/MASC 551: Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials
Mechanical properties of materials; macroscopic mechanical behavior related to structure and microstructure of the material; elementary dislocation theory related to basic strengthening mechanisms; fatigue and fracture; nanomaterials.